Wanting to accelerate your results in the areas of nutrition and bod composition?

We've had lots of questions at the gym about nutrition and accountability - these always ramp up at this time of year as Winter comes to an end. How exciting!

So...we've designed a 6-week program that will get you results through a system RESET, structured accountability and programming modifications. This isn't a crash diet. This isn't a paleo program or strict ketogenic routine. 

The RESET is about accountability and finding an approach to the key food and lifestyle factors that will allow for repair, recovery and fine-tuning so that you are in a position to be able to maintain lean muscle mass, reduce body fat and feel more in control of your diet and lifestyle. 

You will work with your own assigned coach for regular check-ins, we will launch the program with an info session and wrap it up with a celebration! You will have weekly homework (these long term transformations aren't easy!) and we will support you along the way. 

Launch seminar: Sunday 7th October at 3 pm

COST: $199 for Workshop members / $399 for non-members


  • launch seminar
  • regular check-ins with your own assigned accountability coach
  • homework tasks to keep you on track and to address lifestyle and mindset factors
  • personalised macro-nutrient goals to suit your body comp and training goals (optional)
  • a before and after photo
  • skin-fold profile (optional)
  • wrap-up party

Spots are limited. If you'd like to reserve yours, pop your details below or send us an email