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*Open gym available via booking.

GROUP TRAINING is our well loved strength and conditioning session that includes quality lifts, accessory circuits and a short and sharp conditioning component.

LIFT class is a 60 minute olympic lifting focused class for all levels.

MOBILITY incorporates movement work, soft tissue work, static and dynamic stretching work to help us move, perform and feel better, through a greater range of motion. We build movement capacity, postural integrity, resilience and boost recovery.

BODYWEIGHT STRENGTH (BWS) is a tough 60 minute session based around bodyweight strength training including work on the rings and bars. For all levels!

SWEAT is a 60 minute, fun and sweaty class focussed on mindset and conditioning.

RUN is an outdoor run club, suitable for all levels. Join us and train for your next event!

YOGA is a 60 minute flow practice including a chilled savasana (relaxation) to end your week. Stay for tea and chats!

SATURDAY GROUP TRAINING is 90 minutes and incorporates strength, mobility, movement and fitness work. These are tough sessions that are a lot of fun!

All other classes are 60 minutes, including group warmup and movement prep, training and cool down.


Training options:

  • Unlimited Monthly Membership - includes unlimited classes (all) and open gym. Contact us for more information.

  • Personal Training - We offer a range of personal training options, for skill or strength development, corrective or rehabilitative and more. Contact us to find out more

  • Just visiting? We offer a drop in class to visitors for $30.