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Get results: Three key principles


 Have you heard the saying, “you can’t pour from an empty cup?” This idea is key when it comes to getting results with your training. Our bodies are hard-wired to achieve the number one priority for every single one of us… SURVIVAL. Yep, this comes way before healing and repair, muscle gain, fat loss, fertility, energy creation and happiness (in no particular order).

 If we’re running on empty (and maybe a few too many long blacks), performance and body composition changes become very hard to achieve as these changes require resources, fuel and nutrition that a lot of us just don’t have access to.

TAKE ACTION: Get your basic health needs right first. Start with sleep, stress management, nourishing food and some rest and recovery time. Without these things, you’ll be expecting your body to make changes that aren’t a priority.



We bang on about this one, but it really is the not-so-secret weapon when it comes to getting the results you’re after. Why does the RESET nutrition program work? Why do top athletes follow a training plan? These force you to be consistent.

Consistent training and consistent nutrition will lead to a consistent stimulus and the ability to create change. The magic really happens when you realise the gold in this principle and can apply it to all areas of your life – take regular action towards your goals and you’ll be amazed at what you are capable of.

TAKE ACTION: If you’re not getting the results you want, ask yourself the very important question – “Am I taking consistent action to achieve them?” If you want to change your physique or improve your fitness, are you getting to the gym 3-5 times per week? Reserve your classes, speak to a coach about formulating the best plan for you and then show up and do the work. Give it time and reap the rewards.



Consistency is a big part of the picture, but how you progress your work is an important factor in getting results.

Progressive overload is the gradual increase of stress placed on the body during training. If we roll back around to the primary goal of survival, progressive overload is a way of telling the body that it needs to adapt to the stressors in order to survive. It needs to get stronger, faster or more efficient. It needs to build more muscle fibres, more connective tissue, an ability to carry more oxygen or new communication pathways to service new movement patterns. The human body has an incredible ability to adapt, but it won’t use up resources to do so unless there’s a need.

TAKE ACTION: If you’re taking the time to get to the gym or work with a trainer, make sure you understand your progression and this means knowing what weights you’re lifting, how hard your working and how you’re moving. Whether it’s a change in your forward fold (can you get any closer to the floor?) or the amount of weight on your barbell in a back squat, know how you’re adapting to stay on track, excited and moving towards your goals.

New Year : What does it mean to you?

With the New Year often comes a list of resolutions or goals – maybe over a glass of wine on New Years Eve, or recorded on the first page of a fresh new diary (I seem to have SO many diaries with 5 pages used and the rest blank!)

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a BIG believer of goal setting, dreaming and planning. I love sharing big epic plans with loved ones and it’s even better when we manage to make them happen. I believe that if you have no idea of where you’re headed, it’s impossible to stay on track.

I love the New Year and that fresh start feeling. I know many of you don’t like to set resolutions at the New Year, but something about reconnecting with my goals on the 1st of the 1st gets me excited and it works in well with the quarters that I use to organise my life and business. For the last three years, I have worried less about setting a list of short and long-term goals and have focussed more on a ‘theme’ or intention for the year. For me, 2018 was about New Growth and with a new baby, established kitchen garden and exciting business venture, it’s rewarding to look back and celebrate the wins. More than anything, observing 6 months of baby Jackson’s new life has solidified how fast time flies and the importance of doing more of what you love – less out of habit and more out of intent.

I haven’t yet locked down my intention for 2019, but I love that the New Year is an excuse to take some time to re-connect personally and also with my loved ones to make sure that my daily actions are aligned with the path I want to walk and the story I want to write. A theme or intention can remind us of the values that are important, and sometimes allow us to see where we may be loosing sight of the bigger picture (like wasting time in the insta-abyss, am I right!?)

Part of the process for me is to re-asses my values, main focus points and also to reflect on my day-to-day actions. I do this every year at the YEAR BY DESIGN event that we host at Workshop Gym. At this event, we discuss intentions and values over vino and snacks while getting creative and kicking off the year’s vision board. Really though, it’s a chance to get together in person (and offline!) for some cheeky drinks, delicious food and crafty goodness.

In 2019, YEAR BY DESIGN will be held on the evening of Friday 1st February – save the date and stay tuned for early bird ticket release coming soon. If you don’t want to miss out, jump on our email list here.

 Do you like to set an intention or theme for the year?