5 Reasons we Love Training with Rings



When people walk into the gym, one of the big things they notice is we have a lot of gymnastics rings set up.

In our Fundamentals program, the first session even includes some basic work on the rings.

The gymnastic rings play a huge role in both our strength and mobility training.


Here are Five reasons why we prefer to use the gymnastics rings, in particular for upper body strength development:

  1. Versatility. We can develop pulling strength, pushing strength in both straight arm (locked elbow) and bent arm (elbows flex) variations. We can also do this horizontally, vertically and anything in between. 
  2. Complexity. The rings allow us to learn and train more complex patterns. This is effective not just for strength development, but for neural pathway development!
  3. Forgiveness. The rings will automatically articulate and rotate, so for basic mobility work, such as hanging, we have a nice forgiving tool. This is great for shoulder rehabilitation or mobility work with tighter individuals
  4. Statics. Support holds and other static movements allow us to build supreme upper body strength. Sure, we can do statics on bars or the ground, but the rings have many more degrees of freedom, thus developing greater strength and control
  5. Progressions. There are literally an infinite number of progressions for the rings. If you've seen any olympic gymnast ring routines, you'll know what I mean. You aren't going to "outgrow" these things, they are a strength tool for life.

if you're keen to find out more about starting with Rings, check out our Introduction to Rings Training workshop, on June 9th, [HERE]

john marsh