The Urgency To Start


Usually, the training journey rewards patience,

But, there is a valuable place for urgency. 

This is at the start.

Those who start today or who have urgency to begin. Urgency to heal their body, figure out their nutrition or build functionality in their training. It doesn't matter if it's a Monday, Friday, Thanks-giving, New Years or their birthday, they're good to go.

Then there are those who start after the holidays, after a work trip, or "once things calm down." They tend to have a lot of logistical questions, calendar conflicts and re-schedules.

Time and time again, the first group illustrates better long term results. They know that once they have chosen, then starting is what counts. After that, they are playing the game

They can then focus on cementing the habit, getting through early hurdles and enjoying the experiences (both fun and challenging) that are part of the journey

The one thing that is clear though, is that you need to be on the journey to get the results

Start today.

john marsh