The Road With No End

We change habits, start on a new journey towards strength, better movement, better health. A new road.

We see others on the journey as well, so it makes sense to ask the question: "When?"

When will the results come, when will I change, when will it get easier? How long will this take?

Nobody knows. What we do know is, if you expect a timeframe, or have a cutoff date, then you need to look deeper.

Are you giving yourself a cutoff time? Is this a temporary effort? What happens when you "get there?" Do you stop?

By having a "when," in a way, we take away from the simple task of turning up and doing the work, of sticking to the program and enjoying the process.

Instead of a future time, really we just align our efforts with the general direction we want to head, then enjoy the journey, with some awesome results along the way.

This is the only way that it can become a way of life, which is ironically the only way the result can ever truly come and last.

john marsh