Supercharge Your Pull-Ups and Upper Body Strength

It's no secret that we love bodyweight training for upper body strength.

The pull-up is one of the core exercises in this area, which builds great upper back strength and pulling power, allowing us to move into other more advanced exercises...

BUT, we'll get to those later

For now, we are looking at a bar or ring pull-up or chin-up. We are using these terms interchangeably (yes, we know, it's a grip thing..) Anyway, let's get stuck in

The pull-up can be a tricky one to master at the start. Basically, there's a lot of confusion and a general instant gratification approach can derail a lot of athletes

So, we decided to create a quick video to help out. Check it out (main take-aways below)

The main points here we suggest you remember when you are starting your pull-up journey are:

- Have patience - slow down the process and really focus on what you are doing

- Ensure you are hitting full range of motion. Use static holds, negatives and a spotter to acheive this

- Make sure you track your progress, so that you increase the stimulus regularly (e.g weekly)

Basically, this stuff is encapsulated in our general approach to training - quality movement, then progressions, while having a ton of fun.

If you'd like to find out how we can elevate your training to a level you didn't think possible, hit us up below!

john marsh