Five Food Ideas to Catalyse Your Strength Training

There are some wild ideas out there on diet plans

Strict four parts carbohydrate and one part protein 

Make sure you stay in “ketosis" at all times (take out an entire fuel source)

Only drink coffee with butter in it until lunch time..


Is your nutrition strategy around training proven and working for YOU, or just something you picked up from someone else?

A strength training program without effective food choices is a recipe for disappointment

You feel like you are going nowhere

You are likely to burnout on training before you get the results you want

Your body composition feels like it’s going backwards

I know, because I have been there several times in my training career

It’s frustrating


A strength training protocol without a sound nutrition approach is flawed

At best, you’ll see some average results to start with

At worst, you’ll see a drop in immunity and burnout


Now, lets look at the underlying problem

You prefer to follow someone else's dietary protocol rather than see what works for yourself

Also, you really don’t know how to create fast, delicious options that you can slam down while on the go

But we’ll get to that later


I’m not going to hold your hand and give you exact meal ideas or prep sheets

Anyone serious about training knows the importance of doing these things already

I’m not talking about supplements, vitamins or any other ineffective, shortcut foods either… these are some core food groups that I use with one-on-one clients to reach next level results.

Before I go further though, it is important to remember:

1) There is not a cookie cutter approach for everyone. We all have different lifestyle considerations which impact our dietary requirements.

2) When you see a protocol that avoids entire macronutrient groups (fats, carbs, proteins), always look a little deeper! It's all about balance!

3) When done right, food is a powerful aid in healing the body as well as increasing strength levels


Here are five types of foods I like to hit to make sure I'm supporting my training goals

  1. Grass-Fed animal products: eggs (yolks), butter, ghee. These are high in vitamin K2, which is super important in combatting osteoporosis, heart disease and diabetes. Cholesterol also plays a key role in hormonal health
  2. Shellfish, Sardines or small surface-dwelling fish. With tuna, yes you are getting protein… Make the switch to sardines and get a ton of calcium, vitamin-d, vitamin K2, Omega 3 fatty acids and protein. Fight inflammation and fuel the gains
  3. Broths - I prefer beef broth
  4. Fruits and vegetables. You guys are under-doing this still. Rotate the greens, cook them in ghee or coconut oil to boost your nutrient intake and improve immunity. 
  5. Roots - root vegetables (tubers) are a great source of carbohydrate, which help replenish glycogen stores after training



I’ve put together three favourite food hacks to create fast, easy and delicious anti-inflammatory breakfast options that you can adopt right now.

  • Anti-inflammatory spice coffee
  • Roasted marrow bone broth
  • The Complete Three eggs and greens

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