3 Costly Mistakes of the Athletic Executive

I have been working in particular with a lot of executives and business leaders in recent months to reach the next level in their health and performance


I love working with you guys, you tend to be results driven and do the work, and you take on board lifestyle changes that can massively improve your health. Quickly.

It's probably because of the high level of discipline and drive you have developed in elevating your career to where it is now

You are leading your team, your business to success and you take care of your family


Now, you want your health back to what it once was

and quite frankly

You used to be a bit of an athlete and you want to get your body back in shape


In speaking to dozens of business owners, executives and CEO’s who have decided to  optimise their health and body composition, I have seen some pretty alarming habits come up over and over again 


So what are these things?

Well, I’ve noticed that right Now

WAY too many of you guys are making these three critical errors

Before I get into the errors, let’s look at the deeper cause of the problem

Too many of you simply don't yet know how to set up your training, nutrition and recovery SCHEDULE for performance.

When I talk to you guys at the end of the week, after you have worked, looked after your staff and family, taken the kids to sport most of the weekend, you are like WOW, I haven’t had any TIME or ENERGY for myself

Don’t get me wrong, You are OK with how things are, but you know you could be doing better, feeling stronger, leaner and living a bigger life

Now, the REAL cause of not having enough time and energy for yourself is that you have fallen for the same trap as everyone else aren't scheduling your food, training and rest like an athlete. But we’ll get to that later

Instead of optimising YOUR routine, you’ve simply followed the herd in your health and performance journey. 

BUT, take a look around, the herd is going the wrong way


OK Here’s what I see



You are already “training,” but you are not getting enough quality, loaded strength work

You guys have allowed yourself to get caught up in the latest “High intensity” fitness craze, or think that if you sweat hard enough you will get the body and performance you are after

This is a critical error. We have worked with individuals of all ages using smart, sustainable strength training and conditioning classes to create stronger, healthier bodies

Strength training will help all ages. My Dad (68) is 37 years older than me and still benefiting from sustainable strength work and mobility. He started this kind of stuff at about 59 years of age.

Strength training will help all ages. My Dad (68) is 37 years older than me and still benefiting from sustainable strength work and mobility. He started this kind of stuff at about 59 years of age.

Why would this change just because now there are more high intensity training studios around? Trust us, we fell for it once. For lasting muscle mass, body composition and health, you need full range of motion, quality movement and time under tension. 



You are still burning sugar as your primary source for fuel. This is simple, but a lot of you are missing it.

To stay lean, you need to have an exercise balance but also need to be putting in the right fuel. Too many of you are training anaerobic all the time, then just sitting. You are literally teaching your body to burn sugar (or carbohydrate) for fuel. 

Do this too much and you WILL store excess body fat. Smart training principles can go hand in hand with INCREASING the amount of quality FAT in your diet and generally reducing carbohydrates.

You really need to start to teach the body to burn fat, which is a win-win



You are always plugged in. 

The success of your business is built around keeping up with current events and being on the pulse


You are bringing these kinds of inputs (media, social media) into your life at almost ALL times

You have heard about meditation, but paradoxically you prioritise other more “productive” activities instead

Learning to unplug on a daily, weekly and monthly cycle (I also recommend an annual retreat to those who I work with closely) will make a HUGE difference to cortisol levels and hormonal balance. This brings a green light to a calm mind and strong, lean body 



Let's schedule your nutrition, training and recovery for PERFORMANCE

Well, it starts with realising that you need to be more selfish. You are operating at 20-30% of capacity, because you are looking at this stuff upside down

You are thinking like an Exec, in a domain where you need to think like an Athlete

Jumping into a typical fitness class here or there, eating what most of you consider a “good” diet and your current morning and evening routine will not take you to the next level

The price you have to pay is becoming more AWARE of how you are ACTUALLY living your life and start to schedule some stuff for you

and see where you are missing out

Give your body a chance to regain health and a strong physique



(Plus I'll include downloadable templates for scheduling your nutrition, training and recovery)

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