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The body is an amazing thing.

We can train for movement capacity, strength, longevity...

Yet when we think of “training" there’s also that X-Factor.

We want the body to “look” good. We want lean muscle mass.

Why? Well, lean muscle mass has not only has been linked to longevity, but also means “potential” - it’s a sign of abundance, which is a concept I love

In fact, I strongly believe that the type of training we do wouldn’t actually be that popular if..

It didn’t bring results to the physique.

There are some who deny this, saying training for aesthetics is a fools errand. I say, let’s train for movement and health… and get aesthetics too.

So, here we are, the other side of 30, and wondering how the hell do I actually do that? There’s so much info out there.

If it was as easy as an 8 week challenge, a single strength program, adding some supplements or skipping meals, hell, we’d all just be doing that..

Like many before you though, you’ve realised it’s not quite so simple to get solid, long term results

It's a lifestyle, a lot of factors need to be in alignment.

Once you are in the working force, have a job, maybe a family... there are some “tricks” now

In reality, these tricks are just some simple habits for health, which most people call “hacks” now...

But, they’ve been around for decades.

You see, you need to consider these “tricks” because in one sense, you’re at a disadvantage. 

We have hormonal shifts and lifestyle factors that are usually in play now, which weren’t there when you were 22..

The good thing is though, you’re smarter now. Back then, you didn’t know what the hell you were doing anyway so the opportunity probably passed you by

Now you know how to create solid habits.. create change.

So, here are 14 tips I learned to put on about 8-10kg of lean muscle 

  1. Slow down your training
  2. Don’t over-emphasise the HIIT - you need time under tension 
  3. Drop the morning jog
  4. Resistance train (bodyweight and/or external load) - compound movements, at least twice per week
  5. Choose time under tension
  6. Don’t rush
  7. Avoid crappy reps for the sake of the weight on the bar or the movement, but also add load or stimulus when needed!
  8. Increase your range of motion in strength movements
  9. Train mobility
  10. Eat more food
  11. Eat even more food*
  12. Don’t cut out major macro-nutrients (like all fats, proteins, or carbs)
  13. Sleep 8-10 hours out of every 24 hours. If not yet, make this a goal (hint, you often sleep how you eat - if sleep is poor, diet is likely off)
  14. Learn to read your nervous system and how to cultivate a parasympathetic state, this promotes healing and growth. Meditation, yoga, relaxation work.. Essential.

*This needs to be quality food and of course total amount depends on a lot of factors for the individual. Ramp it up slowly. For many of you though, it's more than you're currently eating..

These tips will set you up for success!

john marsh