Welcome to our team! Lizzy here, owner of Workshop Gym in Kew. I originally opened the big roller door in 2014 with my brother, John. Workshop was our opportunity to finally create the training space that we dreamed of - one that offered not only high quality coaching and programming, but also a family-like community of members and coaches that we are lucky to train with every day.

Our mission here is to improve the quality of life of every person that walks through the door, whether through community connection, better mobility and movement, new friendships, injury rehab and prevention or helping to improve lifestyle factors.

I’d love to chat with you to find out more about your training goals and if Workshop is the right fit for you. Feel free to give me a call on 0413 949 535, or contact us and I’ll get in touch. We look forward to welcoming you to our space!

Lizzy Crouch | Owner and Coach.



LIZZY CROUCH // OWNER + COACH // @lizzyjcrouch

Lizzy is the owner of Workshop Gym and is a qualified exercise scientist. She lives and breathes her passion for an active, healthy and fun life. Lizzy is a brand new Mum to little Jackson and has recently completed her studies to become a pregnancy and postpartum exercise specialist. Lizzy has a huge passion for education and has worked with local schools to develop curriculum specific programs that are delivered both in-house and on location. She loves to educate Workshop members using her holistic approach to managing health, reducing stress and improving body confidence.



Igho is a Head Coach at Workshop, with a B.Sci in Sport. He specialises in strength and power development using different training methods, mainly traditional strength work and bodyweight gymnastics strength.

He has competed at a high level in athletics (mainly running very quickly in a straight line) and at a decent level in regional rugby in the UK/Ireland and he believes that maintaining a strong, fit and healthy body should be part of balanced lifestyle for everyone.

Igho wants to help people improve their quality of life by becoming stronger, more mobile and more resilient to reduce injury.



James is a keen athlete and coaches group classes at Workshop. James is currently completing his B.Ex.Sci and keeps himself very busy running his own personal training business, See The Ability, that specialises in mobile training of individuals with special needs.

He has a passion for getting results, helping others with their health and exercise journey and also having a laugh. After all, training should be fun!



Nikki coaches our specialty mobility, movement and bodyweight strength group classes. These classes include progressions of handstand and balance work, ring training, mobility and fun floor sequences.

Nikki is a full time student, teacher and sharer of human movement (and a bit of a ninja). She also teaches a Women’s Bodyweight Strength class and works with a number of one-on-one students.


TEJOVRA // MOBILITY + BWS // @tejovra

TJ’s obsession with learning brings forth a progressively adaptive method of teaching.

Integrating the technicality of human movement to explore the creative abilities of each of his valued students. Protecting, inverting, lifting, flowing, and deep thinking are just some of the expected side effects of this experience.

TJ leads our bodyweight strength program at Workshop and also works with students one-on-one. He also coaches the fun and creative Workshop Kids program.



Bree is a strength and conditioning coach with a B.Ex.Sci. She brings to the Workshop team a passion for fun, sweaty workouts and is our resident run club leader. Bree started her fitness journey in high-level basketball before changing her focus to dive head first into the health and fitness industry, working and coaching alongside leading S&C coaches in Melbourne. Now a keen runner (with a number of half marathons up her sleeve), lifter and HIIT enthusiast, Bree is excited to share her knowledge with the Workshop community alongside her own business baby, The HIIT Project. In all her endeavours, Bree aims to help her clients create balance and wellness both on and off the gym floor.



Physical Movement and dance has always been present in Becs’ life. On a day off if she isn’t dancing around the house you can find her tearing up the dance floor at her favourite Latin/hip-hop venues. Yoga entered Becs’ life in 2009 and she fell in love with the strength based practices involving inversions and arm balances. Bec completed her first Teacher Training with ‘Power and Posture’ and then her second at the ‘Krishna Village, Centre for Yogic Studies’, where she had the opportunity to fully immerse herself into the lifestyle and philosophies.

Join Bec on the mat for a fun, and forever evolving practice and super chill Savasana, aimed to bring awareness to the body, mind and spirit, through mindful movement and practices to help support our often busy, everyday lifestyle.


Come and say hi! If you want to chat to one of our coaches about training at Workshop or individualised personal training, get in touch here and we will get back to you.