Welcome to Workshop Gym. We know that starting out at a new training space can be intimidating, so let’s connect over a quick call!

We’d love to find out more about your training goals, injury history and what might be holding you back so we can help you get started in our specialty group classes or with our three-session Fundamentals Program.

Are we the gym you’ve been looking for?

Our goal is to improve your quality of life.

You will love our diverse range of small group strength, mobility, sweat and movement classes.

Our incredible community of members will keep you accountable and keep training fun!

You will get results through a combination of quality small group training, as well as tweaks to your nutrition and lifestyle.

Our practice is scalable for all levels and is designed to provide long term, sustainable results.

Whether a complete beginner or elite athlete, you’ll become more well-rounded, resilient, strong and mobile.

We have classes seven days per week, for all ages, levels and abilities.

We recommend our 3-session Fundamentals Package to all new members and you can get started now.

To get in touch, give Lizzy a call or text.

0406 786 035

FREE STUFF! Here are some free downloads and training resources - just click the link below!


0413 949 535

Meet some of our people

We are pretty lucky here at Workshop, we've got an amazing group of humans who come in to train, move, laugh and hang out together.

The coolest thing is that we have people from all backgrounds and all skill levels. They are all coming in to build strength, improve mobility, increase work capacity or fitness and learn new skills.

Most of all, they come in and have fun, all while learning.

Some of the crew train to focus on the movements themselves, such as developing strength in the barbell lifts or gymnastics strength movements like muscle ups or handstands.

Others use the training to boost their activities outside of the gym or in general life. We have mums, dads, snowboarders, runners, swimmers, ultra-runners, cyclists, triathletes, surfers and more training with us.

They are building stronger, more resilient, mobile and high-functioning bodies that allow them to do the things they love in life.

Here are just a couple of videos featuring a few of our awesome members.

Check out a few of the vids to see what they have to say about their experience!